A ukulele book

Ode to uke is a love story like no other. A clever and humorous dedication to the often maligned instrument, the ukulele. With chapters devoted to metal, country, Hollywood, Hawaii, and the heroes of the ukulele, you'll be laughing as you strum along.

Limited Edition Book

Limited 1st edtion of 200, all hand numbered and signed in pencil. Printed on 100% recycled, uncoated evolution paper stock. Buy it now

Ode to uke Ebook

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What's in the book?

The book contains:
100 pages, depending on what format you're reading.
11 chapters
18 illustrations
Video & Audio only in ebooks purchased from the iTunes bookstore.
Some simple chords to songs.

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About us

Arthur Ravenscrag III lives in a mountain village and has a big beard. He writes a blog, plays ukulele and is grade 3 on the classical keytar. You can follow him on twitter @ukuleleporn.

Paul Andrews
paints, illustrates and is a keen photographer. He currently lives in a secluded Australian town. You can follow him on twitter @drawings_me.


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